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Has This ever happened?

The wrong stuff

There are many bad situations that can happen when you hire a novice marketer that does not understand how to work with and train the AI’s in the largest Social Media platforms such has Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Faced any of these problems?

Bad Leads?

1. Marketers bring you lots of bad leads and no appointments.

No Tracking?

3. Marketers not keeping track of what’s coming from their campaigns?

Too Many No Shows?

2. Appointments are not showing up after they’ve booked?

If your hand is raised, you're not alone. We understand that most fly-by-night marketers don't understand how to do what takes years to learn.

Strategic Ad Tactics

Most marketers turn on your campaigns and never look at what’s happening after they get paid. We keep track of your campaigns performance.

Campaign Review & Reporting

A behind the scenes of your marketing campaign, there’s a whole lot going on. We’ll summarize that into a concise set of final number so you know where your budget is being spent.

Budget Optimization

So that you can scale, we’ll minimize your adspend budget so that you can get the maximum the bang for your buck. 


reels, stories, posts

Getting clients online can be tough, especially when you have to wear lots of hats to maintain your daily operations. But what’s even tougher is growing your business. Where do you go for digital marketing? How do you even start?


post Ads, reels, stories

Why do so many business owners say “Facebook Ads don’t work?”  They’ve tried it and their friends have tried it.

We train the AI. We don’t try to attract EVERYONE, we attract YOUR Customers. We can do this in a highly targeted, systematic way and within days. A margin of the time you would spend doing this via SEO or other marketing strategies. So let’s get started . . . .

Ad Creation

We don’t just copy the Ads you’ve posted. We’ll take a brand new approach according to your customer survey (who your looking to attract to your business) and formulate the perfect Ad.

Audience Targeting

Out of the 2 – 4 million people in your city, we’ll find the people that need your services. We estimate that to be at a minimum of 500,000 people whether you are a chiropractor, medical spa or plastic surgeon.

Audience Tracking / Re-Targeting

We know where your customers are hanging out and ALSO where they’re going after they’ve opted into your Ads, Landing Page or Website. We’ll make sure they don’t forget about you.

Wide and Diverse Audience:

TikTok boasts a diverse user base spanning various demographics, including age groups, interests, and geographic locations. This diversity means businesses can reach a broad range of potential customers.

Viral Potential:

 TikTok is known for viral trends and challenges. If your content catches on and becomes a part of a popular trend, it can quickly reach a massive audience, increasing brand visibility.

Engaging Content:

TikTok is primarily a platform for short-form video content, which is highly engaging. Businesses can create entertaining, informative, or inspirational videos that resonate with their target audience.

Tik Tok

Coming Soon

TikTok can be an effective way to market for customers due to its unique features and massive user base and not to mention it’s low cost. It’s even lower than Facebook. 

Quick Case Studies

coming soon . . .

Check out our results.  They speak for themselves, $100 adspend 10 leads and 1 solid conversions. The others will be nurtured to grab another 2 conversions later on down the line. 

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